About Us

About Us

We know how important a person’s time is, and we certainly know that not all games are worthy of your precious time. That’s why we at OnlineGameMag.com wish to provide you, players and readers, with an in-depth glimpse on what the games are about – so you’ll know what to expect and make your time worthwhile. If you’d like to know more about us, or are curious on how we review our games, read on!

Games We Review

Unlike most gaming review sites that love to review big shot games, we at OnlineGameMag.com mostly focus our attention on small browser-based games that can be played directly on your browser without ever needing to download anything. These games can be played anywhere and anytime, and with everyone. Unfortunately, not many take the time to review these games. Thus, we decided to take on that task of giving a fair review, opinion, and insight of these games.


There are five different criteria that we use when giving the final score on the games. Most of these are discussed thoroughly within the article.

Gameplay Rating

In the “Gameplay” criteria, we measure the overall potential of the game’s gameplay. Being well-polished, well thought-of, originality, game setup, and other factors play a huge role on this part. We also hold no favoritism between game genres, so a First Person Shooter (FPS) game can have the same Gameplay score value as simple puzzle game if both are well polished and with many original elements, or the lack thereof.

The game’s replay-ability is also considered in this criteria.

Presentation Rating

Our presentation rating depends mainly on two things: Visual and Audio experiences. Whether the game is in full 3D environment or pixel-based, a well-polished art and clean visual style will always be good to the eye. Similarly, a calm ambient sound on the background music can lift one’s mood in an instant. Added presentation value is given to unique visuals and visual effects, creative character and level design, etc.

Control Friendliness

Control Friendliness, or simply “Controls”, measures the user-friendliness of the game’s controls. If the game’s controls are too awkward or unresponsive even, we deduct huge values on this score. Likewise, if the game’s controls are intuitive and easy-to-learn, then we give the game a good score on this criteria. We also give extra points to games that have controller support.

Challenge and Difficulty Rating

If a game is too challenging then most players would give up in frustration and stop playing. Likewise, if the game is too easy, then hardcore players will just sigh in boredom and leave the game. The difficulty of the game is tied closely to the next criteria “Fun Factor”, but are very different at the same time. We rate the difficulty of a game differently every time. This rating is based on the game’s gameplay and control. Initially, we give the game a full score on this criteria and deduct points accordingly. If we find the game too easy, or too difficult, we lower our rating. There are also games where this rating is not applicable (games like creative drawing, dress-up, simulations, etc.).

Fun Factor Rating

The Fun Factor Rating is an abstract measure of how “fun” the game is. We, of course, play the games we review before writing anything about it. Even if the game is well-polished and has fantastic graphics, if it didn’t spark that much joy in our hearts, then we give it a poor score. Similarly, even if the game features simple MS Paint-like graphics but delivers an extremely fun experience, then you’ll be sure that will rank it high in this criteria.

Popularity and User Rating

Unlike all the other criteria above, the Popularity and User Rating is solely dependent on the numerous players that played the game collectively. As such, we don’t have anything to add or remove from it. Games with big well-known titles are fairly popular and their score will be reflected here.

We hope that our simple explanation about our criteria satisfies your curiosity. OnlineGameMag.com wishes you happy gaming.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us.