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Agario (Agar.IO) Review

Agario (or is a fun and addicting MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game in which your only goal is to survive by being vigilant and consuming a lot of resources to be big. It’s really simple and funny as well. You have to eat or you’ll be eaten. Strive to dominate the grid of colorful cells. Make your mark and be one of the best players on the grid. Are you ready on your goal of becoming one of the largest cells?

agario review

Game Play

Game Mechanics

Username and Leader boards

Choose a username and make yourself known. You can see where you stand in the game in comparison to other players on the grid on the leaderboard. This will also make you wary of your big competition playing on the field.


You can get personalized skins so that you can be distinguished from the game. You can also form allies with your friends. Get the same skin so it would not be confusing.


Game links are available for you to share with your friends. Send them links so that they can fight with or against your friends!


The grid is your battlefield. Estimate the grids area and use the corners to your advantage.


Pellets are small dots on the grid that you can easily consume once you start the game.


Players on the game will be cells fighting for dominance. Small pellets are scattered on the field for initial consumption. Moving cells are actual players on the game and are your competition. Smaller cells move faster than larger cells.


The green spikes are called the virus in the game. It splits your large cell to multiple smaller cells. These could be used to your advantage or disadvantage.

Controls of the Game.

Navigation is pretty simple. Use the mouse to navigate and move your cell around. On the mobile app, Agario features new buttons for better intuitive control.

agario game on mobile

Rules of the Game

There are just two simple rules in this game. This makes it fun and easy to be enjoyed for kids and adults alike.

  1. The first thing that you have to remember is you can only consume targets that are smaller than you. Consuming small targets will make you larger. Your cell will evolve. Start to chase and corner smaller cells than you. Be the largest cell and dominate the grid.
  2. You have to give larger objects distance so that it prevents them from eating you. The chase is real and larger objects would be trying to corner you to consume you. Since a cell is faster when it’s smaller, you have to use your speed as an advantage and create some distance while consuming smaller cells.

If larger cells are starting to overwhelm you, you can pass through green spikes that will split your cell into smaller cells making you move freely and escape your predator.

Start moving through the grid and try to catch all the tiny blur of color. Eat and grow, split and multiply and rule the world.

Tips and Tricks

  • Gobble all the little dots as possible and watch out for the big guys. If they are everywhere near you, stay close to the virus to the virus to avoid being eaten. Once they left you alone, go on and eat those smaller cells.
  • Use the edges and corners to your advantage. If there’s a cell’s corner that you can quickly grab, just start lingering on a smaller cells edge to consume it.
  • Use viruses to break your opponents. Drive cells to viruses and be wary of the grid’s corner. Once your target cell is split, drive them to the corner and consume them.
  • You can eject mass on an existing virus and it will cause a replica of itself in the opposite direction. You can use this knowledge to attack other cells near you. This will cause them to break apart.
  • You can maneuver just right between cells and around other cells to prevent yourself from popping.
  • If your hunting, split yourself apart. It is faster than you being one big blob. Bigger blobs move much slower.
splitting cells in
  • Anticipate your opponent’s move and plan your countermeasure. If you see a cell is hunting you, split and move away.
  • You can consume viruses if you are split into 16 cells. One of your cells has to be at least 130 in mass or 10% larger than the virus to consume it.
  • Watch out for traps. Players would intentionally leave little cells around them to lure better prey. When you are about to consume the smaller cell they will quickly split into as many cells as possible allowing them to consume you.
  • Plant your traps. Find a way to lure smaller players and consume them.
  • Select what you eat. Sure it could be tempting to roam around and consume all the smaller cells. But you have the most to gain by eating a cell that is closer to your own size. Chasing a bunch of smaller ones is time-consuming and it may turn into a hazard that will cause you to lose unintentionally.
  • Avoid corners and edges. Be wary of the grid size and protect yourself. Don’t find yourself stuck on the corner as it would mean that there is no escape from your predator. Even if you can avoid one player, you can never be sure that there is another player rushing down to your path. Always give yourself room and distance to move when you’re still not one of the biggest blobs on the scene.
  • Don’t chase around competitors around the field when you’re still starting out. Use your speed to quickly eat pellets. Try to find a spot where there are only a few competing players. Keep munching pellets so that you grow large enough to munch down your competition. Once you’ve achieved a good size, change your strategy.
  • Learn the art of split attacking. Split attack when you are at least 270% larger than another player so that you can consume them. You have to note that you split in the direction of your mouse. When your one whole cell you need to be 10% larger than your prey.
  • Know when to be aggressive and conservative during the game. One wrong move might cost you your mass and your place on the leaderboard.


cool skins

Graphics and Sounds

The graphics on the game is just a bunch of colored circles splattered on a white grid. Customized skins give you a distinct appearance from other normal players. There is no sound effect for this particular game. You don’t need amazing graphics or sounds to enjoy the game. This is simply addictive!

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Agario is among the games that we recommend. It is action-packed, extremely fun and is sure to give you a thrill when you’re running from your life. We give the game Agario a score of 4.2. Agario is a very popular game that is sure to have players of all ages hooked.

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