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AZ Tank Trouble 4 Review

Does playing action-packed games excites you? If arcade games make you thrilled, AZ Tank Trouble is one of the best choices to play with your friends. AZ Tank Trouble 4 is an action-themed tank battle simulation game where players battle each other. You can invite up to two friends to play this game.

AZ Tank Trouble 4 game review

AZ Tank Trouble 4 is a retro-styled tank arcade that is simple and fun as well. This is the latest version of the Tank Trouble game series with new improvements and creative gameplay.

Game Features

AZ Tank Trouble consists of the single player mode and a multiplayer mode. Single players face Lakai, a computer-interface black cat robot. The multiplayer mode can be played up to 3 players.

The main goal is to fire bombs on your opponents before they hit you. Move, dodge and target your enemies well. AZ Tank Trouble features a classic-type tank game that offers a different style of play. Unlike other traditional tank games, AZ Tank Trouble came up with other thrills that bring excitement when playing. One feature is the bullet. Bullets are bouncing when firing on the wall. It will bounce continuously until it strikes your tanks. Strategically, it adds more treat on the battlefield not only to your opponents but to you as well. So be careful when firing because your own attack may damage your tank.

The best part of the game is the power-ups. Power-ups randomly appear on every part of the maze. Each power-up may change your weapon into a laser, rocket launcher or more! These will aid you in defeating Lakai or your friends on the battlefield.

Game Controls

AZ Tank Trouble is very interactive. You will be utilizing the keyboard and the mouse. Thus, this game requires your browser to have a flash player. Make sure that you have one installed.

Single Player Control

Player 1 vs Laika

Arrow Keys – various movements

M – Bomb

Multiplayer Controls

What’s cool about the multiplayer mode is you don’t need 3 PC’s or laptops to battle. You three can just use the different keys on one keyboard!

Multiplayer Control

Player 1

ESDF – various movements

Q – Bomb

Player 2

Arrow Keys – various movements

M – Bomb

Player 3

Mouse – various movements

Left Mouse Button – Bomb

Game Tips

The game is simple – shoot your opponents down. The strategic way of winning this game is to be evasive. Don’t be too aggressive or it may kill you first. Stir your tank to other parts of the maze and start planning your next move. Get as many power-ups as you can to increase your chances of winning the battle. Aside from that, there is an option that will give you the option of creating your own different tanks and mazes.

One factor that makes this game challenging is the maze-like battlefield. You need to perfect the basic movement controls – navigating your tank from left to right, up and down. For first time users, you may find it difficult to properly stir and move your tank

On the other hand, a link that shows “create your own tank” will appear on the upper portion of your game screen throughout the game. You just need to create or sign in if you have an account to fully access their game.

Power-Ups Tips and Tricks

Random power-ups will spawn every game. Some power-ups may change your weapon and knowing them one by one will increase your chance to win over your opponents. Some power-ups may be tricky to use so make sure to understand each weapon’s capacity and functionality. Here is the list of powerful weapons you may encounter.

Laser Type – this is an amazing power up because it automatically guns down your opponent and can shoot thru the walls.

Fun-sized laser – unlike the laser type, this power-up has an aim-line that requires you to directly target your opponents. Same as regular bullets, it also bounces on the wall. Plan well if using this power-up for it might hit your tank.

Landmine – plant bombs indirectly to any parts of the battlefield and just wait for their next move. This mines will activate once your opponent’s tanks pass by.

Cannon – a bigger-sized cannon bullets

Linion weapon– a weapon where you can shoot cannon balls rapidly.

Remote Control Missile – you need to control your missile after firing using your arrow keys or movement buttons for multiplayer to directly hit your opponents.

Regular Missile – a weapon where it does not require you to control its movements. Their features and movement are slightly the same as the regular bullets.


There is not much of a difference between the new game and its previous series. In-game graphics are better, unlike the previous tank game series. They use child-friendly characters and drawings for a minimal presentation of the game. It’s retro-styled and simple that’s why the gameplay is smooth. The simpler the quality, the faster the loading.


The overall sound effects are somehow catchy and realistic – from the bullets bouncing on the walls up to the explosions of tanks. Sounds are simply thrilling and not like other games that surprise you when you get hit or when there’s an explosion. Child-friendly, low effects are best to describe the sound effects used in the game.

Fun Factor

AZ Tank Trouble is a top-notch simulation game. If you think you are tough enough to beat an unbeatable character like Laika, a single mode is perfect for you. Playing against Laika feels like you’re battling a real veteran tank soldier. Plan well, aim well and wait for power-ups to spawn for additional power to defeat your opponents. The fun part comes when playing the game with your friends. Having fun and laugh together are the biggest prize this game has to offer.  For instance, playing games with your friends can intensify your emotions and can also bring your competitiveness. This can also help strengthen your relationship with your friends.

AZ Tank Trouble 4 game

Playing this game is a great way to de-stress from the daily demands of life. It also teaches gamers how to multitask. You might be controlling various controls at once and need to figure out how to coordinate their controls to achieve the best results. Also, as some researchers told, games involving aiming and shooting at objects improve your declining visions. The developers created this game not only for fun but also gives benefits to players.

Our Review

The overall gameplay is similar to other tank battles but has a unique style of module. As you play the game, you will see a difference in graphics, style of play, compared to the traditional tank battles. This game also needs focus and create game plans on how to defeat Laika (a computer-interface character) as well as your friends if you are playing multiplayer mode.

This game is fun and somehow addicting. There are no complicated side missions, levels to clear or other factors that traditional tank battle games have. It can also turn dull moments into exciting ones. Kids ages 10 and above can play this game. Kids below 10 mostly would not yet understand the game due to various controls to navigate. You can challenge your friends or kids if you have one. Playing this game would be one great way to bond in your computer.

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game AZ Tank Trouble 4, which we gave a score of 3.5 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this AZ Tank Trouble 4 review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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