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Bonk.IO Review

Bounce around the platform and be the last ball standing in this multiplayer physics-based video game that will knock your balls off! *pun intended – Bonk.IO!

Bonk.IO (or Bonk IO) is a multiplayer browser-based IO video game where you compete with other players from all around the world in various mini-games and matches that will test your skills, patience, strategy, and perseverance.


In Bonk.IO, each player takes control of their own little ball, which the players can later customize. When entering the game, the player will be matched up with other random players to play a series of mini-games. The ultimate goal of the game is to win the most mini-games than the rest of the players.

The mini-games are wide and varied and most of the popular mini-games were submitted by fans and players. Regardless of the kind of mini-game you are playing, the goal on each round remains the same – and that is to be the last ball standing.

Depending on the mini-game, there are different ways to ensure victory. The game’s physics is quite fun and interactions with other balls (players) are possible – making the game very competitive.

blonk io review

Strategy-wise, the player can use the environment (blocks, platforms, etc.) to push the other players towards harm, or directly push the other balls with the player’s own ball. Likewise, the player can also focus on surviving and evading as the winner will always be the last ball standing. With the plethora of mini-games and the number of players, we can safely say that there is no strategy that fits it all.

With a huge variety of games to play – each with their own competitive nature, it’s hard to get bored while playing the game.


You can play the game quickly by creating a guest account. You can do this by simply typing in your alias and quick play. Doing this allows you to access most of the game’s content. However, if you want to access the fullness of the game, you may also create a new account or log-in an already existing one.

Having your own account is beneficial in many ways as it can track your progress and allows the player to gain levels which also unlocks more content, albeit not game-changing. Having an account also allows the player to customize his/her own avatar ball, add a friend, and even create his/her own map for other players to play.



Like most IO video games, features simple graphics. Each of the game’s levels (stages, or mini-games, or whatever you want to call it) feature a unique stage design varying from simple mazes and minimalistic platforms to wacky artwork and fun characters.

Bonk.IO review
Wario made an appearance in this level.

Upon first playing the game, the player’s balls start as a simple ball that looks like a big dot. However, with a little tinkering, you can customize your ball to feature an icon, an image, or an art. Fancy yourself as a cool Sharingan Eyeball? you can! Feeling a little patriotic? Then place the flag of your country in the middle of your ball! Of course, you can access most of these if you are logged in your very own account. Guess players will start and remain as a simple, uninspired ball – boo hoo!


Now the game’s audio is quite cool and appealing in our opinion. The background music is very suitable for the game’s experience – which is light, competitive, and fun. Some background music is retro-inspired making it quite catchy. The “bonk!” sound that plays every time the balls collide has a long echo, but it honestly sounds more like a “bang!” than a “bonk!” which makes little sense considering the title of the game. But that’s just us nitpicking.


Bonks.IO’s controls are generally pretty simple. When interacting with the menu and GUI, the mouse can be used. During the game, the standard Arrow Keys are used for the ball’s movement, while the “X” button makes the character’s ball heavier while the key is being held.

Making yourself heavy at the right time takes some practice. Becoming heavier will give the player more momentum – allowing the player to bash the enemies harder and become much harder to push around at the cost of reduced maneuverability.


The controls are tricky to master and you can’t really plan ahead or create a strategy when every match is essentially different from each other. However, the game is not exactly “difficult”, but it IS challenging to win a match especially when you are against many players. Fortunately, the other players are experiencing the same challenges as you. The only way to get an edge against the other players is to keep playing and experience as many mini-games as possible so you can react faster than the rest when the match is about to start. Other than that, the game is all about luck and skill as you try staying alive as long as possible.

Fun Factor

IO games are known for their competitive nature and addicting gameplay, and does not disappoint. The game is a load of fun. The variety of mini-games will put you at the edge of your seat every time. Unfortunately, there are times when the game does not have enough players that finding a match takes a long time. However, even if it’s a one on one match against a random stranger on the internet, the game still offers nice competitive gameplay.

Blonk IO review
A beautiful airplane level! Can you prevent yourself from falling off?

Like mentioned above, the best part of the game comes from the wide variety of mini-games including the ones created by other players. The simple levels and stages get old fast, fortunately, the game has a lot of eye-catching levels from pirate ships and dragons to wacky popular characters that come to life. These awesome levels make the game worth playing over and over again.

Even playing as a guest will get you hooked for a long time. And if you want to invest more time in the game, then we highly recommend creating an account to unlock more content. When logged in, the player can grind and play a match after another to increase the player’s level or spend hours creating the perfect mini-game.


From time to time, people in the chat start spouting some nonsense and even use foul words. The game does have a profanity filter, but even advanced filters can easily be bypassed by intentionally misspelling the curses. This isn’t a problem that’s particularly unique to the game, but a common problem to most online games.

Our Rating

Here in, we rate our games from 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 the highest. Our ratings are based on the overall enjoyability of the game, as well as other factors like popularity, game potential, difficulty, bugs, etc.

Bonk.IO is a fun and amusing multiplayer IO game. Every match is fast-paced and thrilling that will keep you at the edge of your seat most of the time. Because of this, we give the game a solid 4.0 rating and recommend it to everyone who likes fast-paced arcade and IO games. Perhaps the reason why we can’t give the game a higher rating is its currently low player-base and the simple visuals that make the game looks outdated.

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game Bonk.IO, which we gave a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this Bonk.IO review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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