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Dragon Ball Z Devolution Review

Journey with Goku on an epic adventure in the Dragon Ball Z Devolution. The game is inspired with the story from Akira Toriyama’s manga, Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball was initially inspired by Hong Kong martial arts films and the classical Chinese novel, Journey to the West. Dragon Ball is about the epic adventures of Goku. It follows through his childhood and adulthood as he is training in martial arts while exploring the world for the seven lost orbs called the Dragon Balls. Once all of these balls are gathered, a wish-granting dragon is then summoned. Along with the search, Goku makes several allies and battles with enemies as well as he was not the only one searching for the Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Z Devolution review

Dragon Ball Z, on the other hand, follows the story from Dragon Ball. It still continues the story of the protagonist Goku as he defends the Earth against evil forces such as aliens, androids and other creatures.

If you’ve been watching the anime or reading the manga, this game and its well-loved characters might be very familiar to you.

Battle in the International Martial Arts Tournament and follow the story of Goku once again. Face your favorite legendary characters as you progress.

Training and Game Controls – Learn the Basics of the Game

At the start of the game, you will train with Master Roshi. Master Roshi, whose name means Old Heavenly Martial arts Master, is known as the Turtle Hermit and God of Martial arts. He was the one who trained Goku, Gohan, Ox-King, Krillin, and Yamcha. Master Roshi will teach you the gaming controls. Master will teach you how to move, dodge, dash, attack, break guard, charge and do a Kamehameha. Once an instruction is executed perfectly, the next instruction will unlock for you to continue. If you haven’t executed it correctly, the training stage will not move on to the next instruction.

Basic Movement

First move around with the arrow “up”, “down”, “left” and “right”

Dodge and Dash

Dodging attacks is the most important.

Double tap a direction to dash. Try all the directions.

Basic Attack

Hold the ATTACK button (X) to perform your attack moves.

Break Opponents Guard

To break your opponent’s guard, dash (double tap an arrow key) in his direction while holding ATTACK (X).


Hold DEFENSE button (C) to protect yourself and charge up your Ki.

Ki, also known as chi or qi, is simply energy. It is the life force energy used by Dragon Ball characters. When fighters gather ki, they gain enhanced strength, speed, and endurance. Charging also increases the power of their attacks thus inflicting greater damage to opponents. Ki can be lost when the fighter receives damage.

Ultimate Attack

It’s time for the Kamehameha! Charge up all your KI then concentrate a huge KI blast.

Kamehameha is the first energy attack used in Dragon Ball. It is widely known as a finishing attack and also is Goku’s signature technique.

Gameplay of Dragon Ball Z Devolution

Summary of Controls

Arrow Keys – Move/ Double Tap to evade or break guard

X – Attack /Hold to unleash a charged range attack

C – Guard/ Charge Ki

You can also change the controls on the game’s controls in the Settings section. Choose what keys you are most comfortable using and win the International Martial Arts Tournament.

Story – Relive the whole story of Dragon Ball Z

After you have unlocked the Training mode. You will now face different characters of Dragon Ball as your opponents. You will now be battling in the International Martial Arts Tournament with different characters. You can either battle or be any of the following characters.

  • Goku
  • Piccolo
  • Vegeta
  • Android 19
  • Misokatsun
  • Guldo
  • Gohan
  • Yakon
  • Captain Ginyu
  • Dr. Gero
  • Yakon
  • Babidi
  • Uub
  • Chi-Chi
  • Chaiotzu
  • Saibaman
  • Android 16
  • Frieza
  • Buu
  • Goten and many more

Characters can transform into Super Saiyan, Golden Form and more once they reached a certain level of Ki.

Special Attack Guide

There are also special attacks limited to certain characters only.

  • Dragon Fist – Super Saiyan Goku

Control: Press attack while dashing.

  • Stop Time

Use 1 bar of ki.

  • Absorb Ki – Android 19, Dr. Gero

Defend a blast. Can transform once gets max, Ki.

  • Absorb Light – Yakon

Absorbs ki and absorbs after 3 bars.

  • Body Swap – Captain Ginyu

Use 1 bar of ki.

  • Change background – Babidi

Use 1 bar of ki.

  • Rage – Uub and Chi-Chi

Use 1 bar of ki.

  • Self Destruct (Chiaotzu, Saibaman, Android 16)

Press attack and dodge simultaneously.

  • Death Beam (Frieza, Mecha Frieza, Perfect Cell, Chilled, Cooler, Kuriza, King Cold)

Lightly tap Attack button with ki

  • Death Saucer (Frieza Max Power)

Hold Attack then Up with a bar of ki

  • Destruct Disc (Krillin, Old Krillin Amond)

Hold Attack then Up with a bar of ki

  • Special Beam Cannon (Piccolo)

Hold attack then down with a bar of ki

  • Spirit Bomb

Hold Attack then up with a bar of ki

  • Kamikaze Ghost Attack (Gotenks, Buu)

Bounce Ki (Misokatsun)

The Fated Showdown

Setup – Change the game settings

On the setup option other than the option to change the controls, this is also where you can toggle the music option. You can’t turn off the music when you are in the story mode. Just tick off the checkbox if you want to turn off the music or the sound. You can also enable the touchscreen mode if you are playing on a laptop that supports this setting.

Apart from this, if the game has been too easy for you, you can change the difficulty from Normal to Difficult.


The graphics of Dragon Ball Z Devolution gives us an old school vibe as it features the 90’s two-dimensional pixelated cartoon. Even though it does not have a modern take on graphics, every gaming fan will appreciate it and would still love it. It’s simple, fast, user-friendly and addicting.


The game’s music will take you back to your childhood when you are still watching the Dragon Ball Series. Dragon Ball Z Devolution features nostalgic retro-style background music the same as the one used in the anime. Sound effects are not the best quality but on point. It matches well with the gaming experience. Every 90’s kid would love to try this game.

Over-All Rating

Dragon Ball Z Devolution is surely a blast. It has simple graphics and music that complement fairly well giving you smooth gaming experience. If you like the dragon ball fights you would surely love this. There are also certain controls and techniques that are applicable to certain characters which are also cool if you are familiar with their ultimate attacks.

The grand adventure of Goku

This game is more like the console Dragon Ball game. Our favorite part in this game is the huge blasts and the character’s ultimate attack. Androids are also difficult to face as they have more accurate attacks. You are sure to love this game if you’re a Dragon Ball fan. Even if the graphics aren’t modern, kids nowadays would still love the action pack adventure. Simple graphics do mean a faster gaming experience somehow.

We give this game 4.5 as it is action-packed and addicting. You can find yourself playing this for hours. Dragon Ball Z Devolution is a game where you won’t be easily bored. Play this with your friends and find out who is a better Z fighter among you.

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game Dragon Ball Z Devolution, which we gave a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this Dragon Ball Z Devolution review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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