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Glenn Martin Dental Adventure Review

Have you ever thought of becoming a dentist as your profession? If you are curious as to how a dentist works their way in making your teeth cavity-free, you are in the right spot! Glenn Martin Dental Adventure is a simulation game where you will meet different people in various places and encounter different gum diseases as you continue your journey along. You need to be attentive to every detail as you will encounter more difficult challenges as the game progresses. 

Glenn Martin Dental Adventure review

Glenn Martin Dental Adventure is not only just a game. It will also teach you how to be a good problem solver and be attentive to details. It will also enlighten the player to take care of his dental hygiene.

Glenn Martin Dental Adventure is a flash game and thus requires your browser to install a flash player. Which should come by default on most browsers.

Game Features

The game consists of two difficulties: Easy and Normal. After choosing your desired difficulty, a tutorial board containing basic controls, corrective and preventive actions will appear on screen so you need to be sharp on every detail as it might help you complete your task.

Aside from the dental game, it includes challenging side missions that will cross your way when choosing your destinations.

As you start the game, it will show a map where you can choose your destinations and each place have a corresponding mission whether you will operate a patient’s teeth or make Glenn’s family thrilled. The map also showed two different color trips – Orange and Yellow.

Orange Trip Destinations – You will encounter different patients with different gum problems. Before you start fixing, it will show your patient’s cause of the problem and a what-to-do list. You need to focus on each detail, as it requires specific methods to fix their teeth. You need a lot of patience and attention to complete every task. There is a tab where you can review again if you tend to forget the required actions.

Yellow Trip Destinations – On this trip, you will help each Glenn’s family member to make them thrilled by way of dancing, cooking, etc. Just read every instruction given to complete each task.

Game Controls

This game contains basic controls that are easy to operate. You will be mostly using your mouse throughout the game to operate, drill, clean teeth and your keyboard tabs for various usage.

  • Arrow Keys – Controls for dancing / Other Actions
  • Space Bar – Draining Saliva
  • Mouse – Navigate
  • Left Mouse Button – Operate

If you will use your laptop, using your trackpad is fine but we recommend inserting a mouse for easy navigations of directions needed to comply with each task.


The game music is lively and energetic fitting for an adventure game. To some, it may give you a boost of adrenaline and make you dance a little. It could be annoying if you are that person who loves to concentrate and gets easily distracted by disturbing sounds. You can disable its background sound by switching it off located on the upper right corner of the game screen or better lower down the volume.


Glenn Martin Dental Adventure portrayed real cartoon characters, which aired thru American radio [email protected] – a channel space of Nickelodeon. Their graphics are mostly the same with some simulation games that do not require a high-resolution option. In addition, it will not use high internet cap (if you are using data cap broadband internet) since the graphics used were the middle resolution.

Glenn Martin Dental Adventure mouth opening wide

The game used the same platform and made it easy to attract kids to play the game. Although some part of the game is pixelated and the colors used are more radiant than usual, it still inviting. It is not only for the kids but also for adults who are bored, curious and want experience what it must be like to become a dentist.

Game Tips

If you are unfamiliar with the apparatus or do not know what tools you will use, just point your cursor on each crack teeth and it will show what dental device you need to use. Match them accordingly to its respective device placed on the right side of the game screen.

Every operation is time-bound. In some situations, a patient might feel pain and this will greatly irritate them. In order for them to calm down, follow each “like” or requests such as their preferred kind of music, anesthesia, and color. Always remember to prioritize what they like as it may help them relax. This will give you more time for you to do your dentistry.

If you cannot move on to the next orange trip and failed numerous times, leave it and try to play those yellow trips as it may help you neutralize your focus and mind. Remember in each orange trip you will face a different challenge. In some stages, you’ll need extra patience. Stay calm and focus one trip at a time.

Fun Factor

The fun part of this game usually comes at the end of every task. It can boost your self-confidence and give you a sense of achievement for finishing such an unfamiliar task. One of the traits of a dentist is good at problem-solving. You need to be careful before fixing your patient’s teeth problems. It also teaches your brain to be attentive to details. This game will remind you what will happen if you do not take good properly for your dental hygiene. It is a trial and error game so you need more time to master each task. If you are competitive, always bring your A-game when playing Glenn Martin Dental Adventure because it will challenge you as your trip progresses.

Our Review

We rate games based on their game controls, graphics, and sounds with the following 5-point scale: 1 being the lowest point of scale and 5 being the top and highly-recommended. Games having 3-point scale ratings, this is where you eliminate gamers’ doubts and not a waste of time and electricity. Having a 4-point scale and above ratings, these games are good, excellent, and highly recommended. Games with 2-point scale and below ratings are those games that would not exceed your expectations and may try different games with above average or high ratings.

Go on an adventure all around America!

Glenn Martin Dental Adventure is a fun dentist simulation video game. However, it has one major problem, this game lacks the use of labels per dentistry tools. It is rough for first-time players to understand the game, specifically the tools you need to operate. It might require you more time to familiarize and perfect the game although that is what makes this game more challenging.

It is indeed fun, exciting but it could be annoying to complete at the same time. We do not consider this game as addictive.  Glenn Martin Dental Adventure is a game that we will partly recommend IF you are bored, curious about being a dentist or just want to learn and develop skills in being detail-oriented. If you’re an adult, you could let your kids play this game to remind them what would likely happen if they don’t take care of their teeth. It is also educational and will remind us of the importance of visiting a dentist regularly.

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game Glenn Martin Dental Adventure, which we gave a score of 3.5 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this Glenn Martin Dental Adventure review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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