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Hop Don’t Stop Review

Dash and never stop in this running game, Hop Don’t Stop. Run the path while avoiding obstacles along your way. Jump, slide and avoid big rocks while collecting gems. Hop and don’t you ever stop.

Hop Don't Stop review

Game Play

You will be guiding an adorable bunny as it dashes through a lustrous forest. The path is filled with gems, power-ups as well as obstacles and cliffs. Try to collect as many gems as possible while avoiding falling off or bumping into rocks. Not only will these gems help you purchase some power-ups for your next game, but it also fires up a boost counter to help you gain more points and momentum at the end of the game.


There are fallen rocks along the way! The rabbit needs to take sharp turns, hop or slide to avoid bumping on them.

Vertical Rocks

Vertical Rocks will require you to swerve right or left. This can be done with the left and right arrow keys on your computer or laptop. If you are playing on a touchscreen gadget, you will just swipe it left or swipe it right to avoid them. Do note however that the rabbit will not fall if you swerve it on the side too much. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Don’t be afraid of a hard left or a hard right when encountering those huge rocks. Your rabbit will not fall on the side. The rabbit will only fall on incoming cliffs and dead ends.

Low Horizontal Rocks

What do rabbits do? They hop! Hop on horizontal obstacles using the Arrow Up keyboard key. Make sure to get the timing right or else it might be too early or too late. On touchscreen devices, you will just have to swipe it up to help the rabbit jump over the rocks.

High Horizontal Rocks

There are some cases that rocks are too high for the rabbit to jump. In this case, however, you don’t have to worry as there are spaces underneath for the rabbit to slide through. Use the Arrow Down key to slide or swipe down on touchscreen devices. These horizontal rocks can be pretty confusing. Don’t worry as there are still arrow guides that will help you get past these obstacles.


Paths will eventually have a dead-end and diverge. And you’ll have to choose one. There’s no stopping on this game. So make a decision real quick and take a turn. To turn you can use your arrow keys or swipe left or right for touchscreen devices. If you don’t, you will end up falling and the game will end.


The path has cliffs and gaps at a certain point where you will have to take a leap of faith. Hop and cross. If you don’t you will fall! Be careful and get the timing right. If you jump too early or too late, it may cause the rabbit to fall.

As you go through the trail, it will get harder and harder. You need to have a fast reaction time. Look ahead and anticipate the obstacles, turns, and pits that come your way. You will need lots of practice to get the timing right as each movement becomes more critical later in the game. Precision will matter big time. Practice and rely on your muscle memory.

run results after crashing

The game ends when you bump on rocks or if you fall. You will have to beat your own record. The game’s achievement is not based on points but on the distance you have covered. Keep hopping and dodge whatever obstacles you will encounter, run longer and cover more distance! Stay on the tracks.


Gems are not only for boosts in the game. You will see a counter at the upper left on the screen. Get consecutive gems to have better and better boosts. All the gems you have collected can also be used to purchase upgrades that will help you in the next games you will be playing.

Start Speed

Upgrade your start speed and get better initial dash.

Boost Speed

The rabbit goes a little faster than usual.

More Power Ups

This increases your likelihood of getting more powerups on the path. Power-ups help you stay longer in the game. Some of the power-ups that you might encounter are the following:

Carrot Power Up -Getting this power-up will help you become invulnerable to obstacles for a limited period of time. You will notice the rabbit flickering during this time. Don’t be afraid of obstacles during this period but you must still be wary of the pits and turns as this does not save you from it.

Magnet Power Up – Having this power-up helps you attract gems along the path. More gems collected means more upgrades.

Speed Power-Up – Bumping into this power-up will boost the rabbit’s speed temporarily covering more ground at a lesser time.

More Gems

Upgrading this will likely increase the number of gems on the path. And again, more gems collected is a good thing.


  • Try upgrading more gems first. Gems are the basis of all your future upgrades. That’s why collecting the maximum number of gems possible is your top priority.
  • Next is prioritizing the occurrence of power-ups. Power-ups are also very useful in the game. This gives you more chances to collects gems or fewer chances to bump on obstacles depending on the power-up you collected.
  • Put speed last. Speed might sound cool but more speed makes the bunny more difficult to control. It’s better to be careful and safe rather than fast but risky. Remember, the goal is to collect the most gems possible, covering the best distance you can and avoiding the rocks and cliffs.
  • Don’t be afraid to press multiple lefts or rights when avoiding vertical rocks. You will not fall on the side. The rabbit will only fall on gaps and dead ends but not on the sides.

Game Controls Summary

  • Directional Arrow Up – Jump
  • Arrow Down – Slide
  • Directional Arrows Left and Right – Turn


Hop Don’t Stop’s graphics is almost two-dimensional in nature and a bit cartoony. This reminds me of the old school Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Rabbit. Also, over-all, with all the colors and the hopping bunny, this almost gives the game a more feminine feel as the luscious forest is filled with colorful flowers and gems. It is colorful and attractive and the color palette used in this game isn’t dull. This also gives a kiddy version of running games vibe.

Hop little bunny, hop!


The background music of Hop Don’t Stop gives a playful and adventurous vibe that matches the game well. It is energetic and adrenaline-inducing. You can turn the music off in the upper right corner of the game if you find it distracting.

Our Rating

The game is seriously addictive. It is colorful and might seem that it’s for little kids at first because of the graphics. But once you tried it, before you know it, you are already using up the gems you collected and upgrading. Don’t be fooled by the rabbit’s cuteness. This game is easy but is very challenging in nature. Unlike the other running games, the rabbit returns to the middle portion of the path after you press the left or right arrow keys. This would mean that your turn should also be precise and you need to consider that the rabbit will gravitate towards the center. I bumped into rocks multiple times because I turned left too early. Paths are also curved and not always straight. This also adds a little bit of a challenge.

Keep hopping and have fun playing Hop Don’t Stop!

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game Hop Don’t Stop, which we gave a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this Hop Don’t Stop review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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