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House Flip Review

Are you drawn to television shows where a group of people redesign a house and sells it for way more? If yes, then you would love this game! Play House Flip and experience what it’s like to buy, fix and sell a house on your own. Renovate, design and earn more cash to your heart’s content. Remodel poor houses in the city and discover new floor plans and layouts along the way. Unlock other skills and game features. Be the expert. Buy low and sell high. What better way to learn the business than to play this game.

house flip review

Game Features

  • Design hundreds of houses!
  • Choose a variety of fixer-uppers to flip, remodel and clean into a gorgeous home.
  • The experience offers rolling and seeing how your renovations attract buyers.
  • Learn a little about the real estate industry by watching out on the competition on their remodeling actions and housing prices.
  • Be an expert renovator and design jobs. This will unlock more skills and vibrant colors.
  • Use home furnishing to style houses.
  • Bank on experience to be able to remodel bigger homes and better architecture.
  • Check how your friends are doing. Be on top of the leaderboard.
  • Check out famous landmarks along your journey to different cities across the world.

Game Play

Buy, fix and flip houses in just a click. Follow onscreen instructions to Inspect, Clean, Repair and Upgrade a variety of homes to sell it to eager buyers. It takes money to earn money. Do more homes and make more moolah. How quickly can you make a million?

How to Play

If you wish to learn how buying, renovating, and selling a house goes, then the best teacher is to experience it yourself. And perhaps the second-best teacher is to play a game about it. And this is what House Flip is all about.

looking for a house to flip!

Buy a House

The first thing you must do is buy a home. There are four types of homes. Some are offering more rooms and it would mean more opportunities to renovate. Keep an eye on your bank account when buying a house. You need to make sure that your cash is enough for your fixings and upgrades.

Open House

After selecting a house, it is recommended to hold out an open house straightaway. Browse at what buyers are offering. Considering their requests will result in an increase of offers. You can hold as many open houses as you want. A “green” colored request means your work is done. The offer should be higher by then.

Choose an Action

At this point, you now have a sense of what buyers want, move your mouse over to the hotspots of the blueprint. It will show several activities you can choose. Each “spot” indicates a feature of a room like the floor, wall or window. There are four possible actions for each spot.


Inspecting will reveal the initial condition and age. It could be poor, good, great or perfect. The worse the initial condition, the higher to potential to have higher offers and profit.


Cleaning is a quick and easy way to improve the current condition of a spot and to earn cash.


Repairing a spot also improves the condition while getting good offers from buyers. It is less costly and time consuming compared to upgrading.


Upgrading is the most costly and tedious form of renovation. But it also yields the greatest rewards from interested buyers. Most of the upgrades involve choosing the right materials. Be sure to select what your buyers would want.

sand the floor to improve it.

Choose a target

After selecting an action, you need to select your target. For smaller houses, this means selecting between “this spot” and “this level”. For larger houses, you can also choose the “entire house”. By selecting a certain target you are likely increasing the number of spots that will be affected by your actions. An example of this is if a buyer prefers “clean windows in the house” then you should select to clean the windows of the entire house. This is will make this easier than to do it in each room.


After successfully accepting an offer from a buyer, you will be able to track your progress on a screen. You can view the history of the houses you have bought and sold. Click “continue” to submit your score. Then you can now move on to another house that you want to renovate and sell. Submitting your score would automatically rank you according to the global high scoreboards. Earn trophies and tokens for this game!


House Flipper is a simulation game. Such that it requires a lot of interaction. You will be using your mouse to hover and select your desired actions. Most of the actions, if not all, will be played using the mouse. Trackpads will also do well and will not hinder your gaming performance.


Both the sound and graphics of the game are well presented and of high quality. Its overall presentation fits really well with the theme of the game.


Experience gorgeous 3D simulation graphics on your screen. It can be a bit of cartoonish kind but the graphics are simple and on point. It does not distract the player from the game as it gives a smooth interface. You don’ have to worry about it being pixelated as the definition is above average.


The game’s sounds are also enjoyable. It’s an acoustic arrangement that will give you a chill and laidback feel. It is what also the game is. Sit back, relax and concentrate on your house flipping business with music that matches the vibe. You don’t have to worry about lowering your volume as the music is not distracting and annoying like other games.

Fun Factor

With so many niche sim games, House Flipper certainly is quite simple and easy. Concepts of buying run-down houses and turning them into beautiful picture perfects homes are very enticing. Such as these concepts make an appearance to countless TV shows worldwide. Unfortunately, there are lots of things that could be improved with this game. Players start from the poor beginning and will do something easy for clients. Tutorials are quite bearable and detailed. Progress is quite nice. As you go through along the game you can also have perks that make flipping easier.

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House Flip game!

Renovation, fixing, and cleaning are very easy to perform but they don’t really spark creativity. You might be happy with your first few sales but if you play long enough, it may just be boring and repetitive. A few improvements in this game could do a lot. However, even with these reasons, don’t miss out on the magic you’ll feel at the start of the game as you’ve sold houses. We’d still want you to try this game out. And if it’s starting to tire you, try another game then. For now, House Flip welcomes you to the world of real estate!

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game House Flip, which we gave a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this House Flip review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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