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Monopoly Online Review

One of the world’s most beloved board games, Monopoly, can now be played anywhere, anytime, and with anyone in this fun online remake of the classic game – Monopoly Online!

monopoly online review

Gather up your friends and try to get rich with virtual bucks as fast as possible as this online game brings the popular board game to the internet.

Monopoly Online is a capitalism/ real-esate simulation and online board game based on the popular board game of the same name. With semi-realistic graphics, the same traditional gameplay of the original game, and the revolutionary online features, this game takes the beloved Monopoly to a whole new platform – and the best part? No one needs to be the banker!


The game uses the same game mechanics and the standard rules of the original board game. In Monopoly Online, you can play with other players – up to four players in total.

Game Objective

The goal of the game is to out-earn all other players and remain financially stable while forcing other players to go bankrupt. Technically, winning the game by being financially solvent is just the first goal, forcing others to fall and lose dramatically is the second, and perhaps the real main objective.

The game ends when all players, except for one, goes bankrupt. The player that still has financial capability on that moment, will win the game. Generally, each match takes around a couple of minutes to complete. However, the time it takes to finish a game depends on the number of players and the random dice rolls.

Game Mechanics

Upon starting the game, the players are required to type in an alias, choose a desired color, and a personal avatar that represents them (a toy). After that, the game randomly assigns the first player, then proceeds to the next in an orderly fashion.

monopoly online review
The first button will be replaced with a stop symbol after the dice roll.

Each player can do four actions during their turn, five if you include the turn pass. Generally speaking, you’ll be using the roll dice action every time that the other buttons can be easily forgotten. The first two buttons will be available at the very beginning of the game, while the remaining two buttons are reserved during the later parts of the game or when they are applicable.

Every turn, the player can throw two dice and the total value of the two dice will be the movement value of the player. If the player lands on a free apartment, the player will be given an option to buy that apartment for himself. If the apartment is already owned by other players, the player must pay the rent.

Other than apartments, there are other tiles that the players can land on. Some of these tiles change the rent of the owned apartments, while some directly affect the player’s total money by either adding a fixed sum through income or deducting a sum through paying the tax. There is also a “Chance” tile that gives a random effect that can either be ignored or change the flow of the game.



Monopoly Online review

Monopoly Online features beautiful full-3D graphics that shows a realistic board game. Dice rolls are pretty realistic with its good physics engine, and the game has a minimal interface with only four buttons existing. Looking at the current state of the game requires the player to look at the cards below the board – adding more realism to the game.

Graphics-wise, Monopoly Online features one of the most beautiful, if not THE MOST beautiful, graphics in the history of Monopoly video games.

The game also provides many cool toys as avatars and a huge selection of colors to choose from upon starting the game. The chosen player’s colors also affect the UI color theme of the player when it is his or her turn.


We don’t know if it is a bug, a design flaw, or designed intentionally, but the game does not have any audio. Whether background music or sound effects, like the sounds of the dice rolling, we can hear nothing even on max volume, that is quite a shame :(.


The game can be played using the mouse and the keyboard. However, the only time the keyboard is used is when typing the player’s alias that can’t be left blank. Other than that, the game is mouse exclusive.

Because all of the players must share the same computer while playing, the mouse will be passed from one player to another during turns. Although it would have been better if the keyboard is used on more occasions, like hotkeys, etc. Or at least make the game officially mouse-exclusive by removing the need of the keyboard entirely – but that’s our own opinion.


The game is solely multiplayer. Starting the game depends solely on luck, but later on, when the board is filled, the chances of winning depends on both luck and strategy. Unless the other players are new to the game or just go with the flow, everything else is fair play.

Fun Factor

If you ever played Monopoly before, then you’ll know what to expect with this game, as it is basically the same. The game features outstanding graphics, and easy controls and navigation that doesn’t really require any explanation. The fact that you can play the classic game anytime and anywhere with anyone in the same unit makes it very appealing and retains the original game’s social factor.

However, despite the word “Online”, the game does not features over-the-internet multiplayer. The pace of the game is also noticeably slow, especially on the dice rolls that happen every turn – as the players are forced to watch the dice roll and stop in full. Regardless, Monopoly Online is a solid 3D monopoly game that is as fun as the original board game, without the hassle of taking notes and having an extra person as the banker.

Our Rating

Here in, we rate our games from 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 the highest. Our ratings are based on the overall enjoyability of the game, as well as other factors like popularity, game potential, difficulty, bugs, etc.

Monopoly Online is a browser-based web-game with hot-seat multiplayer capable of having up to four players – bringing a solid experience of the original Monopoly game. However, the game features many bugs and drawbacks that take away the potential fun.

The lack of sound makes the game less immersive, while the overall pace of the game is slow. If the game developers work on these points, and perhaps throw in some added functionality to skip or fast forward animations, and add in a real online social experience, then we would totally give it an entirely different score. Unfortunately, as of the moment of this writing, we can only give the game a rating of 3.7 – which is still a pretty good score.

If you are having a sleep over with your friends or taking a long afternoon break with a coworker and wanted to play some classic board game, then Monopoly Online is a good option to consider.

You may also want to try the well-polished classic Monopoly game with the browser-based Game Boy Advance emulator.

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game Monopoly Online, which we gave a score of 3.7 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this Monopoly Online review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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