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Outlast Escape Review

You have been knocked unconscious by someone who you do not know and have been locked up in an abandoned eerie building inside a creepy room. Escape the place by using your critical thinking skills and your deep analysis towards your surroundings in this creepy, horror, puzzle, point and click escape game – Outlast Escape!

Outlast Escape Review

Outlast Escape is a creepy, horror, puzzle, point and click escape game for internet browsers based from the famous Outlast game series for various gaming consoles where the main goal is the same all throughout in every Outlast game – investigate your surroundings, use the clues provided, and escape.

Story Summary

The game’s storyline is similar to other escape games where you wake up in a creepy room inside a building where all the exit points are locked, making you unable to escape easily. Luckily, in every room, there are various clues provided that are essential and might provide you tips and tricks on how to exit the building and finish the game. As clues are being provided for the player, some items become available for storage in the player’s inventory where its usage will be essential for your successful escape.

Story Telling


In the game, you will play as the trapped person inside that building where you will be exploring the building and search for clues and items that can help you in escaping the eerie building where you were left alone and locked up. In order to search for more clues and items, you will have to utilize the things that you saw and obtained that was just lying on the ground from the start. There are a lot of doors where you can get into, and there are also some doors where you can’t, but don’t worry, all the items and codes that are needed to open doors, unlock devices, and operate systems can all be found in the game. Also, there are coins that are scattered in each room, make sure to collect it all to gain a much higher score at the end of the game.

Game Mechanics

The game’s mechanics are quite easy, you just need to EXPLORE, OBSERVE, and ANALYZE your surroundings in order to achieve the game’s end goal: ESCAPE.

After the first scene where you wake up and find yourself in an old, creepy room, you will immediately begin the game and begin to look for possible clues and usable items. There will be arrows pointing toward various directions where you can move to.

You are able to use items in your inventory in various situations where something is needed for a thing to work. After using inventory items, those items will remain where you’ve already used up those items (items referred to as keys, code cards, and more) and will not be available again for use.

Outlast Escape gameplay

Unlock doors and get on your way towards freedom as you find out every locked doors’ unique way of unlocking it.

At the end of the game, you will be given a score that will be based in your overall game performance which can be broken down into three (3) major factors: time management, total collected coins, and precision of your moves on doing things. 


The game’s presentation, unlike the PS4 and other gaming consoles’ versions where you also need to navigate by using the joypad or keyboard to look around, this web browser version of Outlast has become a bit easier as it only requires the use of the mouse for navigation, and does not use the keyboard for navigation since the game does not have the “look around” feature. The screen only shows the main game, and below it is the inventory. And if you are able to move from one place to another, an arrow will show on different corners of the screen.


The game’s graphics are similar to escape and horror games’ graphics where the lighting is set to low to match the game’s eeriness. Also, there are some areas around the screen where it is really pitch black which definitely adds a bit more of “spookiness” in the game.


The game’s audio provides you eerie music that might probably pressure you in finishing the game faster because there are some parts of the background music (BGM) where you may feel that a jumpscare may happen in that duration.


Since this game, Outlast Escape is just a point and click game, there will only be two (2) controls that you’ll need to take note of.

First, you’ll be using the mouse’s left-click in order to navigate, examine clues, zoom in some items, collect items, and use those items. In order to know that the item is already in use, the item will be highlighted in yellow inside your inventory.

Second, you need to use the keyboard to input passwords and codes to open some doors or computers. However, these situations involving the use of the keyboard are only a few, the game is much more focused on mouse-clicking.


Knowing that a game is of the horror and escape genre, it is expected to be difficult and challenging and this game, Outlast Escape did not fail in those standards. The game’s difficulty is a bit difficult because some clues are hard to find because of the dark background, where you tend to neglect those clues and items due to the blurriness of the areas. Also, you will be needing a lot of patience and memorization as some codes and patterns are lengthy and difficult to memorize or familiarize, making you go a few steps back in order to examine the codes and the patterns again.

One of the puzzles in the game.

However, the game is much more focused on collecting clues, unlocking doors and collecting items because as more clues are collected, doors unlock; and as doors unlock, more items become available, enabling you to unlock the final door that leads you to your escape.

But if you’re really into the game and can’t seem to find the necessary clues and items, there will be a walkthrough provided above the game, or just simply look it up around the internet.

Fun Factor

There are some people who prefer escape games, where you need to find clues and items in order to escape and win. However, to finish this game, you’ll need a lot of patience, and if you lack the patience that this game requires you to have, this is not the game and genre for you.

However, the overall fun and thrill of this game may not match your expectations of a horror escape game since this game really has no jump scares and chase scenes, although the music makes you believe that there’s one coming your way, there’s just nothing really scary besides the background music (BGM).

Also, after finishing the game, that would just be it, no chapter two, no other levels, and no other options left for you but just to play it all over again, since your final score will be determined on how fast you finish the game.

The storyline is also hanging, and the gameplay is just really, really short.

A cool yet short escape game.

Our Rating

This web browser version of the popular Outlast Escape game can be played online in various sites that support flash games without even downloading the game itself. Hence, this game can be played in most devices anywhere and anytime by searching on websites with flash players. The game has nice game graphics, matching its horror genre and an escape game. The audio and presentation of playing the classic Outlast series games. However, the fun factor of the famous game’s web flash version of the game fails to hit the horror genre. Also, the story is hanging in the end providing players a bit of disappointment after figuring out the clues and collecting the items, the game just ends badly.

All in all, we give the web browser flash version of the game Outlast Escape with a 3.8 overall rating. This game is not able to get a perfect score of 5 since the overall fun in the gameplay is spoiled by its failure to provide the thrill and horror that an escape game usually provides. Moreover, the storyline also is a bit disappointing as it does not show what happens as the player exits the final door. Still, we highly recommend the game to the fans of escape games, especially to those who are just newbies in this genre, since this game is a good training ground for playing a much more challenging and complicated escape game.

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game Outlast Escape, which we gave a score of 3.8 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this Outlast Escape review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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