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Paper Minecraft Review

Play your favorite open-world survival video game in a 2D world! Build and survive in this fun fan-made game called Paper Minecraft!

Paper Minecraft review

Paper Minecraft is a fan-made 2D sidescrolling survival and sandbox video game based on the popular game by Mojang, Minecraft. Paper Minecraft features the same core gameplay as the game it was based on, but the 2D sidescrolling perspective makes the game unique in itself.


Aside from the obvious difference in perspective, the game features almost the same gameplay and content as the original Minecraft game by Mojang.

Upon starting a new game, the player will be given several options. The player must choose the Game Mode, the World Type, The Skin, and if the player wants initial help.

Paper Minecraft starting options

While the skin is just an option of the basic “Steve” and “Alex” skin of the of the official Minecraft game. The “Help”, when chosen, will a spawn a chest near the initial spawn point of the player. The chest will contain several essential items for the player to kick-start his/her adventures and may include torches, food, tools, etc.

Game Modes

Paper Minecraft is divided into three different game modes. Survival, Peaceful, and Creative.

Survival Mode

As the name of the game mode implies, the game’s goal is basically to survive and perhaps prosper as time passes by. As a free-roaming sandbox game, players are free to do anything. Paper Minecraft drops the player in the middle of nowhere without any equipment. Starting there, the player is free to do anything they wanted.

At first, the most important thing that the player should be concerned about is survival. The player is presented with the health bar and hunger bar. Like any other game, once the player’s health bar reaches zero, the player’s avatar dies. Similarly, if the player’s hunger bar falls to zero, the player will suffer some immediate side effects that when left by itself will cause the player to die as well.

It is important to secure food on the very first day. This can be done mainly by hunting animals for their meat or foraging for food. Later on, the player can build farms or hunt animals more efficiently.

Paper Minecraft monsters

On dark areas, whether it’s night time or under an illuminated cave, hostile monsters will spawn that will attack the player. Aside from the constant hunger, hostile monsters are a huge threat to new players.

Once the hunger problem and the threats of monsters are solved, the player can basically do anything with the game. For long term objectives, the player can personally commit to reaching a new dimension called the Nether. The player can also plan on building something epic, or do whatever the player fancies.

Peaceful and Creative Modes

The Peaceful Mode and Creative Modes are similar to each other. The Peaceful Mode skips all the survival aspect of the game by removing the monsters and the threat. Basically, all the player needs to do is gather resources and build.

In Creative Mode, the player will be granted the ability to fly and summon all the resources and equipment of the game. The player won’t even need to gather resources as it can easily be summoned with a few clicks of the button and with an infinite amount. Creative Mode is designed for players who just want to build and build and build.

World Type

There are two available world types: Default and Flat. Once chosen, a world will be generated according to the world type, and it cannot be changed. The Default world will spawn the player into a random area of a randomly generated map. If you’re lucky, you can even spawn in an NPC village.

Paper Minecraft Review
Default World Type

The Flat World will spawn the player into an endlessly flat map with no other resources available to be gathered. This world type is perfect for Creative Players who requires huge spaces for their projects and structures.


Minecraft is known for its extensive crafting, and Paper Minecraft tries to copy this charming aspect of the game as well. With the ability to craft, the player can gather various raw resources and turn them into tools, weapons, armors, and more. Of course, this game content is rendered useless if the player plays in Creative game mode.


Paper Minecraft takes a direct inspiration to the original Minecraft game. As such, most resources were directly identical to the original game. The major difference is the 2D side-scrolling perspective similar to many platformer games.


As mentioned, the art design is identical to Mojang’s Minecraft. However, because of the limitation of the game engine used, the texture resolution is drastically dropped. As a result, the graphics look blurry – especially on monitors and screens with bigger resolution and size.

Paper Minecraft simple house

Nonetheless, the game looks pretty decent for a fan-made game.


As with the graphics, the audio files are borrowed from the original game. However, Paper Minecraft only plays the most basic and general sound effects, and the game does not have any ambient sounds, background music, or atmospheric music.


The controls of the game are a little bit tricky and may require some practice. Fortunately, the controls are written at the start so you can familiarize yourself before even starting.

Paper Minecraft Control

Because of the game’s 2D nature, most 3D interactions that are present on the original Minecraft game have been altered and adjusted accordingly. Unlike the original game, Paper Minecraft also lacks the right-click mouse function, as well as the middle mouse button function.


After getting familiar with the game’s basic controls, players will face little challenge with the game. Especially if the player plays cautiously. However, if the player likes to go head-on to a group of monsters without proper equipment, then there will be no one else to blame but the player.

Securing food is also not difficult in Paper Minecraft. The Hunger bar diminishes very slowly and can be replenished quickly even with raw meat from wild animals. In both Peaceful Mode and Creative Mode, the game poses no threat to the player.

Fun Factor

Just as Minecraft is fun to play with, Paper Minecraft is equally as fun and entertaining. Of course, there are several differences and limitations from the original game, but the core mechanics and objectives remain the same. Having a platform to exercise one’s creativity is always fun in many ways.

One of the many example worlds of Paper Minecraft
One of the many example worlds

Paper Minecraft also features over 50 example worlds. These worlds will spawn the player into an already developed world – allowing the player to expand their horizons and enjoy the creations of other players, as well as gather new ideas on how and what to build.

Our Rating

Here in, we rate our games from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest). Our ratings are based on several factors including the overall enjoyability of the game, popularity, game potential, difficulty, the appearance of bugs, user-friendliness, etc.

Paper Minecraft is a great browser game you can play for free, and it’s a good alternative to the original Minecraft. However, the enjoyment you get from playing the two games can’t even be compared. Paper Minecraft’s gameplay and experience are more similar to games like Terraria and Blockheads. But when compared to other games that you can play in your web browser, Paper Minecraft is a solid and fun game warranting its 4.2 rating.

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game Paper Minecraft, which we gave a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this Paper Minecraft review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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