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Do you love the classic game called Snake? Then try out this nice multiplayer twist of the old classic called! review (also referred to as Slitherio or Slither IO) is a multiplayer arcade IO video game based on the classic Snake game. Eat the orbs and grow big so you can eat other snakes and become the baddest, biggest, meanest snake in the block!


The IO game Slither, or Slither IO, is a multiplayer game that combines the game mechanic of the classic Snake, with the game mechanic of the popular IO video game called Agar (or

When starting the game, the player will be greeted with a simple screen with a dark background color. In the center of the screen is the Nickname space where the player can type his/her nickname for the duration of the game. The “Play” button is located just below the namespace. Pressing it will start the game by pitting the player against random opponents on an existing room. homescreen

On the upper left and lower right corners of the game’s title screen are several social media buttons. These buttons allow the player to share their experience with their friends, or even like the game on Facebook.

Aside from the name for space and play button, there are two other important buttons in the title screen. The upper right corner is the graphics quality button. Pressing it will toggle the quality of the game between low quality and high-quality graphics. The change in the quality is most notable during the actual game where the orbs light up.

Slither Skin

On the other end of the screen, the “Change Skin” button is located. Pressing the button will change the screen into a character/slither selection screen where the player can choose one among the plethora of colors and patterns for their snake.

slither io snake

On the corner of the slither selection screen is the “Build a Slither” button. This button allows the player to fully customize their own slither avatar by “building” the snake one part at a time.

Game Mechanics is both similar yet absolutely different from the classic Snake game we love. In this game, the player will take control of slither/snake avatar. The player’s avatar will start very small and short. By eating glowing orb particles scattered all throughout the map, the player’s snake will slowly grow longer and bigger. The avatar’s snake can pass through its own tail and body, but can’t pass through other player’s snake. Colliding with other player’s snake will kill the player’s avatar snake and drop the collected orbs.

The objective of the game is pretty simple and straightforward. The players must try their best to become the biggest and longest snake on their channel and earn the most points among all the other players.

Eating orbs not only make the avatar’s snake grow, but it also adds points to the player. The player’s snake follows the direction of the mouse cursor smoothly. Every snake can temporarily boost their movement by pressing and holding the left mouse button. Boosting will increase the movement speed significantly, but will slowly make the snake shorter.

Player VS Player

In, the player must also be aware of other players as colliding with the bodies of other snakes will kill the player’s snake. gameplay

As a competitive multiplayer game, each player is fighting for the top spot on the leader boards. By blocking the head of other snakes, the player can effectively defeat them so they will be taken out of the leader board and their score will go back to zero. In addition, the defeated snake will leave big juicy orbs that will give the player additional points. Taking out the competition while trying to climb slowly is an effective strategy to win.


The game, Slither.IO is very well presented in terms of visual, but it lacks proper audio and sound. The game is visually stunning with bright colors and dark background.


Slither IO’s graphics are quite stunning in its high quality graphics mode with vibrant colors and sharp images. In it’s low quality graphics mode, the game is still pretty much the same, but the lack of luster and dynamic lights makes the game less eye-catching. On low-end computers, it might help lowering the quality of graphics to enhance game performance.


On the time of this writing, the web browser version of Slither.IO does not feature any audio or sound resources. The lack of sound might just be a temporary thing.


The game’s controls are pretty straight forward. Aside from using the keyboard to type in the player’s name or alias, the game is pretty much a mouse-only. The player’s snake will follow the direction of the mouse pointer. The left mouse button (LMB) and right mouse button (RMB) have similar functions during the game. Both the LMB and RMB activate the snake’s boost that increases the speed of the snake at the cost of sacrificing the length and size of the snake.

Fun Factor

Slither.IO is a very competitive game. When the charm of nostalgia of the classic snake fades, you’ll find yourself in a frantic match for domination where everyone tries to kill everyone else to steal their spot in the leaderboard. At its core, is very much the same as most IO video games like Agar.IO. The fun of the game comes from the challenge and desire to be among the top of the leaderboard and plastering your name on the very very top.

slitherio build your own slither

Gameplay-wise, the game is very much addicting. Although it lacks player progression, it doesn’t really feel lacking. One of the game’s best features is its ability to allow players to create their very own slither snake one part at a time – allowing for some very unique snake combinations and appearances.

Our Rating strives to create a fair review by rating the web-browser games as concise and as brief as possible. The ratings our reviewers give are based on several factors including the replayability of the game, the fun it offers, the overall presentation, and more. To keep things easy to understand to most readers, uses a simple numerical approach and rate the games from 1, being the lowest of the rating, to 5, as the highest. Games with a rating around 3 and above are passable and can be played without wasting time. Similarly, games with 4 and above rating are fairly good and highly recommend. However, for games with poor review score and low rating, 2 and below, it is recommended the players to give them a pass and save their precious time by trying out some of the better games. Fortunately, Slither.IO is among the games that we can highly recommend.

Despite having no audio sound as of the moment of this review, is among the most popular and well-beloved browser-based and IO games for the past years. This is probably because of its simple yet competitive core and even simpler game play and controls. Add in the nostalgia effect of the classic snake game and the never-ending race to becoming the best player on the leader board, and you’ll have yourself a browser game that’s worth spending hours of your time on.


Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game, which we gave a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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