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Tap the Frog Review

Do you love quick mini-games when you’re bored? Then you’re in for the thrill! Our favorite courageous frog is back with an epic journey towards becoming the one and only Frog Prince! Guide him and help him complete his adventure and win his sweetheart back. Tap the Frog is a popular reflex game with various game modes from tapping numerous frogs to jumping from one platform to another.

Tap the Frog review

Test your skills and find out how fast and how far you can go in this amazing game!


Tap the Frog is a game developed by Playmous. It is a collection of mini-games for kids age 6 and above and focuses mainly on hand-eye coordination and speed. As the game progresses, the difficulty also increases. Grown ups will also enjoy this game as it is pretty challenging too.

Game Mechanics

This mobile-friendly game has many features and utilizes many mechanics such as Ranks, Achievements, and Stars.


As you start the game, experience levels are recorded. You start at Rank 1: Newbie. As you progress, experience is also added every time you play upgrading your Rank.


Achievement Titles are earned during the course of the game. There are 56 Achievement Titles that you can unlock.

game modes need to be unlocked


Stars are acquired depending on your performance. These stars are used to unlock other stages of the game. 56 stars are needed to complete and unlock all stages of the game. A maximum of 70 stars could be collected.

Clock Bonus

When you play the game every day, your clock bonus increases. Clock bonus is very vital in achieving your goals in a particular stage that you find hard to complete and perfect.

Game Modes

Pop The Frog

In Pop the Frog game mode of Tap the Frog game, You must tap as many frogs as you can in 20 seconds. 1 second is added on your time when a set is cleared. Frogs with hats are more difficult to pop than regular frogs. Be fast with frogs wearing hard hats as they are the most difficult to pop. You can use 15 clock bonus to have an additional 5 seconds.

Pop the Frog in Tap the Frog

Stars earned are based on the number of frogs popped.

1 Star 20 frogs
2 Stars 40 frogs
3 Stars 70 frogs
4 Stars 100 frogs
5 Stars 150 frogs

Jump The Frog

Help the frog jump on objects without letting it fall on the water. There are two controls for this particular stage. Left control is a one step jump the right control is a 2-step jump. Travel as long as you can in 20 seconds. 2 second clocks can be earned along the way. The game is not over when the frog falls but it will consume more of your time to recover. You can use 15 clock bonus to have an additional 5 seconds.

Stars earned are based on the distance travelled by the frog.

1 Star 50 metres
2 Stars 100 metres
3 Stars 150 metres
4 Stars 200 metres
5 Stars 250 metres

Paint the Frog

Paint as many frogs with a different color to clear the stage. Only when the frogs are on the same color will the stage be cleared. Paint as many as you can in 20 seconds. 1 second is added on your time when a set is cleared. You can use 15 clock bonus to have an additional 5 seconds.

Stars are earned based on the number of frogs painted.

1 Star 50 frogs
2 Stars 80 frogs
3 Stars 120 frogs
4 Stars 150 frogs
5 Stars 200 frogs

Fly the Frog

Control the flight path of the frog and collect as many bubbles in 20 seconds. 4-second clocks can also be collected increasing the time you have left. You can use 15 clock bonus to have an additional 5 seconds.

Tap the Frog Flying game mode

Stars are earned based on the number of bubbles collected.

1 Star 100 bubbles
2 Stars 150 bubbles
3 Stars 220 bubbles
4 Stars 300 bubbles
5 Stars 400 bubbles

Launch the Frog

This stage unlocks when you have 10 stars.

Collect as many asteroids as you can in 20 seconds. But not’s how easy as it would seem as you would need to tap them in order from the smallest to the biggest number. Each level passed will grant you additional 3 seconds. If you make a mistake on the order of the numbers, the particular set where the error occurred will automatically reset. You can use 15 clock bonus to have an additional 5 seconds.

Feed the Frog

This stage unlocks when you have 10 stars.

Feed the frog as much fruit as you can in 20 seconds. Tap the button that matches the next piece on the fruit on the belt. There are 5 different fruits per set: Apple, Lemon, Watermelon, Blueberry and Orange. 3 seconds is added one a set is finished.

Stars are earned based on the number of fruits fed to the frog.

1 Star 20 fruits
2 Stars 30 fruits
3 Stars 40 fruits
4 Stars 60 fruits
5 Stars 80 fruits

Other mini-games unlock when you reach a certain number of stars

20 Stars Build the Frog
25 Stars Treat the Frog
30 Stars Leap the Frog
35 Stars Drive the Frog
44 Stars Spoil the Frog
48 Stars Bounce the Frog
52 Stars Spacewalk the Frog
56 Stars Place the Frog


funny tap the frog

The games graphics are fairly simple and suited for kids. The 2D frogs that pops on the screen are charming and brightly colored. If you pay attention, you can see the wacky and funny variety of frog models used on this game. 


Controls differ on different stages of the game. The mouse is used to navigate. Left Button is used for interaction. Arrow keys can also be used on some stages.

Fun Factor

The rules are pretty simple but they are challenging at the same time. You are competing against time. Speed and accuracy are necessary. Hand and eye reflexes are also being challenged as tasks are needed to be finished at 20 seconds.

Our Rating

We at OnlineGameMag strives to deliver a concise and helpful review to guide players in choosing what game to play and what to avoid. We rate our games from 1 to 5. In our rating, 1 is the lowest we can give, while 5 is the highest. Any games with 3 or more rating can be considered good and highly recommended. On the other hand, games with a rating of less than 3 are considered below average.

True enough, the game is really fun. It could either be highly addictive to some people or it could easily wear you out after a few tries. On the brighter side, it could also be really addictive. Tap the Frog is still a very popular game. Whether it will be addictive or not is up to you to decide. One thing we recommend is that you should try it out. Loading back or to the next stage can be pretty annoying. But overall, it is still a fun game.

Overall, we give the game Tap the Frog a score of 4.0. It is a highly addictive game and is quite fun especially for the younger players. Although the game has noticeable optimization issues that need to be addressed, it features solid and competitive gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours.

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game Tap the Frog, which we gave a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this Tap the Frog review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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