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The World’s Easyest Game Review

Need a break from those epic and mind-boggling adventure games? Then this one is for you! The World’s Easyest Game is a puzzle game that is known as the easiest in the world. Or maybe not. Answer all the questions and help the queasy cat. Answer them correctly to keep the cat happy. There will be more than 100 questions that are super easy and impossible to get wrong… or is it?

The World's Easyest Game review

The World’s Easyest Game is an interesting and fun game that attracts thousands of quiz takers all over the world! The puzzle was created by Addicting Games and Mad Science Industries.  This is available free to play on the web browser and is suitable for all ages! You need a flash player to play this game as this is a highly interactive puzzle. This easy-to-win game is the perfect break for all those high-adrenaline actions or racing games.


As you start the game you will receive a quirky message that guides you through the game.

These are the contents of your welcome message…

“Your reputation as intelligent individual proceeds you. That, however, is not the name of the game today. I am a Queasy cat and due to an unfortunate condition, I can’t stand the sight of a difficult question. All of the following questions will be easy. I mean Really Easy. Don’t make them difficult or you will fail. Like me, you will get 9 lives, and only 9. I’ll be timing you, so get ready!”

Game Mechanics

You will be answering questions for Queasy Cat. There is a total of more than 100 different questions. Different subjects such as arithmetic, geography, mystery, problem-solving and so much more will be encountered. They are not really easy to answer so don’t rush and take your time. The first few questions might be easy and it may fool you into thinking that it actually is easy. In reality, it is not. There are questions that will catch you out if you acted rashly. Take your time and think your way through. Like Queasy Cat you only have nine lives. Every wrong answer takes out one life. When you lose all your lives, the game will end and you will lose. Every time you answer a question correctly, you get points. Try to collect as many points as you can. Each question has a timer and the faster you answer a question correctly, the more points you will have. Be careful of troll questions!

Game Controls

For this game, you will need to use to have a flash player installed. This can get very interactive. You will be using your mouse and also your keyboard functions. For multiple choice questions, you can just use the mouse and click on your answer.

For the rest of the questions, you can use keyboard functions to type in the answer. You can also use the arrow keys or your mouse to move a certain object. This may depend on the type of question that is being presented.

Game Tips and Features

  • You can play this game in a full-screen mode.
  • You can turn the background sound on/off on the screen.
  • The faster you answer a question, the more points you will have.
  • Take a sufficient amount of time and don’t answer rashly.
  • Don’t make questions difficult or complicated. Think simply to solve them easily.
  • There are over 100 questions and they will repeat in this game. Try your best to remember all the questions and answers you have encountered. So the next time you play the game you can answer them faster. The questions will repeat but not in the same order as the first time you played the game.
  • You will randomly get a question: “How many questions have you answered so far?”. Don’t try to take note of all the questions you’ve answered. Just check on the top left of your screen. It shows the number of your currency question. Take the number and subtract 1. That is the answer.
  • You are going to get all sorts of questions, little riddles, or tasks like shooting up the mob boss in the picture. Be prepared. Anything goes!

Quick Guide to Some of the Harder Questions

We are giving away some free answers. We will not be giving all of them away so you can solve them for yourself. This will just give you an idea of how hard or easy a question can get. You will only understand these answers if you have encountered the specific questions yourself.

introduction to the game
  • Click the red button. In this stage, ignore the name of the button. Only pay attention to the color and choose the red one.
  • Calculation Question. Don’t try to calculate the number in the brackets. All of them are multiplied with Zero. Just quickly answer the question with 0.
  • What is the number between 1 and 2? The answer is 1.2.
  • Fill-in question that requires a 4-letter word: I’m a sap for _____ jokes. Type the answer “tree”.
  • Restaurant situation question. You walk into a restaurant you will be asked how many people are there in the restaurant. There are 29 people but the answer is 30 as it would include you.
  • This is my Dog Blue, what color is my dog? Don’t pay your attention to the color of the dog. Just focus on the question and pick the color blue.
  • Birthday Situation Question. The question goes like this. Alice is 14. On her birthday, she gets in a car and heads towards her friend Samantha’s house. At the same time, her friend Emily starts cycling at a speed of 10 mph towards Samantha’s house as well. How old was Alice? Obviously, the answer is 14. The situations and other details are just to diffuse your attention. Be careful of questions like this. However, some question would also require you to pay attention to extra details.


correct answer


The graphics of the game is on point. Bright colors are prominent in the game which is inviting to kids and adults alike. Graphics are two-dimensional and are basically cartoons in nature which matches the gaming platform. Yes, it’s like it’s made for kids. But some questions would need an adult to answer the score more points and answer questions correctly.


The game sounds are energetic and funny at the same time. It could be quite annoying if someone is trying to sleep. But it hypes up the gameplay and stays on the fun childish vibe.

Fun Factor

The game is actually very fun. You played the game expecting it to be easy and boom, you made a mistake. Sometimes you answered too rashly and realized that you answered it way too fast. At times you overanalyzed a question where it really required a simple answer. And sometimes, you just did not pay attention. Most of the time, you knew it’s a simple question but you are just confused with the right answer. Well, the game’s really unpredictable. That made it so much fun and addicting at the same time.

Our Rating

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losing the world's easyest game!

It is fun, unpredictable and funny at the same time. You could try to play it with friends to have better chances of winning! You can even play this with kids and solve those riddles together. More brains would mean more chances of getting the right answers. Be careful, this game could be pretty addicting.

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game The World’s Easyest Game, which we gave a score of 3.5 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this The World’s Easyest Game review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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