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Zombs Royale IO Review

Survive and fight with other players in this 2D battle royale game – Zombs Royale IO. Kill enemies with your fist or any other weapons you acquire on the battlegrounds.

Zombs Royale IO review

Join the millions of players and choose from many game modes available. You can also enjoy an ever-changing rotation of limited-time modes. Check out if you’ve got the skills and strategy that it takes to be the last player standing.

Brought to you by creators and developers of Spinz Io and Zombs Io, Zombs Royale Io is one of the most fun and adrenaline filled BR games you’ll ever play. Zombs Royale Io is a two-dimensional video game developed by an American studio Endgame and was released in 2018. It can be played directly on a web browser or on iOS and Android.


Upon initial login, you will have the option of creating an account or playing anonymously as a guest. Usernames can be created and you can link these accounts with Google or Facebook. Your profile will now record your scores, best kills, level-ups, and other rewards. Other than that, you can pick a memorable alias so that the players can see it when you knocked someone out. Be a skilled killer and let everyone remember your name.

Dropping to the battlefield

Character Creation

Characters are customizable. You can equip them with battles emotes, parachutes, melee skins, sprays, outfit and a backpack of your choice.

Game Mechanic

You can play Solo where you will battle against 99 other solo players. If you have a friend you would like to invite, you can try Duo and have someone covering blind spots and fighting alongside you. You can also auto-match with a new teammate! Better yet invite friends to form a squad of 4 players and fight with other teams. Kick some ass and prove that you and your friends are the best teams alive. You can also get auto-matched with 4 random players.

All players will be gathered in a common area first and then will be deployed by your aerial ride. Parachute and choose where you will land. If you are familiar with the map and find an area strategic and a good source of weapons, you can land there for your next games. After you have landed in the playing field make sure to knock out enemies and also locate and help out allies if you are in a Duo or Squad. Initially, upon landing, you will have to use your firsts. Acquire weapons and ammo scattered along with the map. These weapons are sometimes hidden in crates, chests, houses and other buildings. You can also kill another player for you to loot his/her weapon. You can also hunt for food in order to recover the damage you have taken.

Game Strategy

Hide on buildings and take cover. Aim well and use your ammo wisely as they are limited. You can use other elements on the playing field as your cover. Also, note to avoid the blue zone or the poisonous gas. It continually shrinks as the game advances. If you are in the blue zone you will continuously take damage and will eventually die.

Consider your strategy and strive to survive no matter what. This game not only requires skill but also quick hand and eye coordination, technique, and perseverance. Fight and be the champion not only on the playing field but on the leaderboard as well.

Weapons and Items

Upon entering the playing field, you will be automatically equipped with gloves for close combat melee. This can be useful when fighting off nearby enemies but you have to find weapons as soon as possible. You can snag short-range weapons such as the classic grenades, pistols, shotguns and regular rifles. There are also better weapons such as sniper rifles, explosives, mini machine guns and more. Always look for better weapons. They have a higher chance of successful kills.

Most weapons come in different colors and this identifies the rarity of the weapon. The rarer a gun is, the better it is and the faster you can kill enemies with. Choose the weapons in your slots wisely.

The rarities on the following are ranked from worst to best:

  • Common (Grey)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Gold)
  • Mythic (Red)

Limited Time Game Modes

Zombies: Players will team up as a squad. And while taking down other squads you have to deal with hordes of zombies as well!

50v50: If you think a team of 4 is boring, try being a part of a team of 50. But you have to deal with 50 enemies as well on the other team.

Superpower: What makes a fun game more exciting are special power-ups! In the limited game modes, play more intensely with power-ups that enable you to move faster, shoot further and more. Discover it for yourself.

Crystal Clash: Team up and play 4 versus 4. Select your loadout and be let your team destroy the opponent’s crystal first to win.


Zombs Royale has different seasons. In each of these nine seasons are new items, locations, skin, and game features.

  • 1st Season Alpha: Beach
  • 1st Season: Prehistoric
  • 2nd Season: Space
  • 3rd Season: Spooky (Halloween)
  • 4th Season: Winter (Christmas)
  • 5th Season: Myths and Legends
  • 6th Season: Knights
  • 7th Season: Nautical Adventures
  • 8th Season: Cyberpunk
  • 9th Season: Mystic Forest


Zombs Royale is a highly interactive multiplayer game that is inspired by Fortnite and PUBG. Survive as the last standing combatant on the playing field.

  • Arrow and WASD keys – Character Movement
  • E – Interact with Objects
  • M – Show Map
  • Space Bar – Deploy / Free Fall
  • Mouse Click – Shoot or Attack
  • Number Keys – Choose Weapon
Explanation of controls


If you’re obsessed with PUBG and Fortnite, the quality of the graphics might be a downgrade for you. Graphics in Zombs Royale Io are in two dimensional. Though this game is an interesting blend of the two battle royale games previously mentioned, Zombs Royale is in a top-down view.  It has a retro style in visuals and perspectives. The graphics also make the game unique as it is giving a different feel to a BR game that is usually in 3D.


There is no background music on this game which is kind of cool. You can only hear minimal sound effects like footsteps, gunshots, and item interaction.

Fun Factor

Zombs Royale is an amazing blend of battle royale games. This game mimics the cosmetics, weapons, items and user interface of some. It has also Solo, Duo and Squad modes just like the others. What makes it unique is the time limited events that are really a treat. Just in case you need a break from the usual rules of BR games, these time-limited games are a refreshing option. There are also features on this time-limited games such as building forts like Fortnite and fighting against zombies in another.

Got Rekt in Zombs Royale IO!

Overall, the graphics are child-friendly but it would take lots of skill and gaming experience to pull this game of excellently.  Creating strategies and weapon knowledge are also important. Kids can still play this game but the adults would easily excel on this. But who knows, we all know that some kids can take down adults.

Weekly challenges and goals are also fun. At the end of the day, it’s your battles stats that will matter. At the end of each game you will know your place, kills, damage and time alive.

Loot, pack up, hide, kill and may the best player win!

Game Score


Out of 5

This is a review on the online game Zombs Royale IO, which we gave a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 on Online Game Magazine. You can read other reviews similar to this Zombs Royale IO review by viewing the links below or browsing the many game reviews on the site.

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